There are changes afoot at Seren HQ!

There are changes afoot at Seren HQ! When I was looking at new ranges for Christmas this year, I wanted to find more environmentally friendly products that reflected the values of reusing and recycling products. I am passionate about reusing wood that would otherwise go to waste and believe this can be extended to the other products that we stock. As a result, both Seren and the range of products on offer are becoming more environmentally friendly!

So, what’s changing?

I still love pretty things, but I also love practical things that help with day to day busy lives. This is reflected in the new ranges that will be coming in the next couple of months to complement Seren’s own handmade product ranges.  Some are sourced from larger companies but, importantly, others are from independent businesses. I’ll be introducing ranges of bamboo toothbrushes, toiletries, rice husk cups and more. There will be amazing hamper boxes and exciting licensed products on their way! As well as sustainable living, there are many items that can improve our quality of life in the realities of a world driven by a lack of time and reliance on electronics. Look out for our Himalayan salt lamps and essential oil diffusers that are important additions to the Seren range.

I have completely overhauled the packaging too.  We will be phasing out the sparkly envelopes and bubble wrap. As our stocks of these run out, mailings will utilise padded paper envelopes that are fully recyclable. We will have cardboard boxes and paper alternatives to protect your purchases in place of bubble wrap.  We are not completely there yet and some packaging still isn’t fully recyclable, but things are moving in the right direction.

Exciting times ahead!

I will be writing a series of blog posts explaining why I have made these changes. They will include some ideas about small changes we can all try to make! Don’t worry though, I’m not on a mission to preach or to suggest that everyone should live a completely changed life. Nor am I promoting one particular lifestyle over another. I believe that through making small changes, sustainable farming and responsible sourcing, we can still include a bit of everything!

I strongly believe that by all making small changes, collectively we can make a huge difference.

I’m positively excited about the journey ahead …….. and hope you enjoy travelling along with me!