Bamboo Cotton Swabs


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Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Bamboo cotton swabs are a great alternative to traditional plastic cotton buds. They are made from a combination of sustainable bamboo and soft cotton, so are also biodegradable.

These cotton buds are suitable to use for pretty much everything that you would normally use plastic cotton buds for! They are supplied in a handy cardboard box which holds 100 cotton buds.

Because the cotton buds are made from natural bamboo and cotton, they can be disposed of in your organic waste or compost. A great way to avoid disposing of more plastic to landfill! The bamboo is grown without additional watering or pesticides, so is considered to be water neutral. In addition, the cotton used to make the buds is 100% organic so is also biodegradable.

Why not also have a look at our other environmentally friendly products for personal care? The ranges of toothbrushes, handmade soaps and soap bags also provide some great ways to reduce your use of plastic!   

Hydrophil products are made with as little environmental impact as possible. Fair trade and supplied in recycled packaging, the cotton swabs are more environmentally friendly than their plastic alternatives. Hydrophil donate a proportion of the company’s profits to charity. To find out more about Hydrophil and their philosphy, please click here.

  • Supplied in a box of 100 cotton swabs
  • 100% biodegradable so can be disposed of in your organic or garden waste
  • A fair trade product that is suitable for vegans
  • Packaged in cardboard that is also suitable for recycling



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