Memory lockets

Memory lockets are easily personalised with floating charms and background screens of your choice.

Designing your locket

Choose your locket and chain, then choose a background if you would like one and then choose your charms.


Our memory lockets come in a range of sizes, from 20mm diameter to 30mm diameter. The 20mm lockets will hold 1-3 charms, 25mm lockets 2-5 charms and 30mm lockets up to 7 charms. Our floating charms are not all the same size. If you wish to check that the charms you are choosing are suitable for the locket you have chosen, please contact us. We are able to make up sample lockets and send you photos before confirming your order to check that you are happy with your purchase.


Lockets are sold individually. Chains are purchased separately and are available in a range of styles and lengths.

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